Day/Month and 10-Visit Passes

Prices are entrance fees for self-supervised climbers and boulderers. If you are a new climber, you are welcome to boulder and use our autobelays (devices that manage the rope; our staff will give you a brief and free orientation on their use anytime).  If you are interested in roped climbing in the rest of the gym, not using an autobelay, you will need a climbing partner who has passed our Belay Safety Check, or you should take an Introduction to Climbing class. Day pass and 10-visit pass users are welcome to use the fitness area or take yoga classes at no extra charge.

  • Adult day pass: $25
  • Youth day pass: $20
  • Adult matinee day pass, enter weekdays before 3 PM except holidays:  $20
  • Youth matinee day pass, enter weekdays before 3 PM except holidays:  $15
  • 10-visit pass: $230* (no expiration)
  • Yoga class and use of fitness area only: $15

* Waives membership initiation fee; remaining punches can be credited toward membership

Equipment Rental

All rentals are for use inside the gym only.

  • Package (all together): $5
  • Harness: $2
  • Chalk bag: $2
  • Shoes: $4
  • Belay device w/ locking carabiner: FREE
  • Lead rope: FREE



  • Unlimited climbing during business hours
  • Unlimited yoga classes
  • Unlimited access to fitness area
  • Free Introduction to Climbing class
  • Free gear rental for first month
  • Free members-only clinics
  • Easy electronic monthly payments
  • Free guest pass every month
  • 20% off climbing ropes
  • 10% off other climbing gear, shoes, clothing, etc.


         Send in blue prices

  • One month (30 days) Membership: $125


  • No Contract
    • There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.
  • One Calendar Month Minimum
    • There is a one calendar month minimum. When you join, you will be charged a prorated amount for that month, and will be billed for the following month on the first of that calendar month.
  • Billing
    • Membership dues are billed on the first of the month, and your initial month is prorated (that is, if you join up half-way through a month, you’re charged half the monthly rate for that calendar month).
  • Membership Changes
    • Freezing
      • Climbing trip? Dissertation? Freeze your membership for as long as you like, and you won't incur an initiation fee when you come back.
      • The freeze fee is $10/month.
      • Membership is frozen starting on the next billing date.
      • When you thaw your membership, a prorated amount for the remainder of the billing month is added to your account.
      • The fee is waived for military freezes.
    • Cancelling
      • You can cancel at any time effective on the first of the following month. (That is, we will not charge you again after you cancel, but you will not receive a refund for the remainder of the month for which you have already been charged.)
      • (NOTE:  The cancellation or expiration of your credit card does not automatically cancel your membership or this agreement.  If your card is cancelled or expires, you will continue to be invoiced and you agree to pay these invoices according to your card issuer agreement.)
    • Membership changes must be done by email to  Staff cannot freeze or cancel your membership at the desk or by phone.  To cancel or freeze, send us an email before the first of the month.



All participants (climbing, fitness or yoga) must have a signed waiver.  Minors (17 years and younger) must have a waiver signed by one of their parents or their legal guardian (sorry, aunts and uncles and older siblings, you've got to have Mom and Dad do it).  You can also fill it in when you come at one of our waiver terminals, but filling it out online before you come in will make your first check-in easier. 

Click here to fill it out online.