Private Training

The Stronghold offers private training tailored to the interests of the participant.  Consider a private training session if you would like to work with a climbing instructor one-on-one to refine your safety-related skills (in belaying, rappelling, cleaning a sport route, etc.) or get individualized pointers on improving your climbing technique. 

Pricing (includes rental gear; limit four participants per session):
$70/hr Members
$100/hr Non-members

4+ hours
$60/hr members
$85/hr Non-members

8+ hours
$50/hr members
$70/hr Non-members

How to book: Contact and outline what topics you would like to cover and for how long, so that we can pair you with an appropriate instructor.  Please try to book at least three days in advance. 

 Private Instructor Bio - Bill  Dex

 Private Instructor Bio - Bill  Justin.jpg

Private Instructor Bio - Ciaran  Alex2

Private Instructor Bio - Melissa  Noah.jpg