Birthdays at the Stronghold

Happy Birthday at the Stronghold!  Have a climbing party with us.  Your group will get to enjoy climbing and a fun time in one of our two group rooms.   You are welcome to use space upstairs or downstairs (before, after or during the alotted time for the party) to have cake or socialize. 

You will have at least two instructor/belayers.  We'll provide all of the gear and instruction needed to climb the walls.

The parents/guardians of all climbers under age 18 will need to fill out a waiver on their behalf before the party starts.  The waiver can be completed online (here) or can be filled out in person at the gym.  If you have already filled out the waiver for your child for a previous visit to the gym, you do not need to complete it again. 

Pricing: $38 per climber.  $304 minimum (8 climbers).   To reserve, please use the form at the bottom of this page, or email us at

Birthday FAQ: 

How much time are parties scheduled for?

Our standard party allows for two hours of climbing time with our staff instructors.  We suggest that you and your guests arrive a half-hour before you'd like this two hours to start to check-in and get geared up.

What ages can participate?

We have had great parties for children as young as 4, as well as for adults!   We are happy to accommodate you no matter what your age.  Our children's harnesses can be used by children 25 lb and above. 

Do you have refrigerator/freezer space we can use?

Yes, we have room in our freezer/fridge for your cake and ice cream. 

Do you provide tables and chairs?

Yes.  We have four tables (6 feet by 2 1/2 feet) and 30 chairs.