The Building

The beautiful building housing the Stronghold started life in 1904 as the California Edison Company's Los Angeles #3 Steam Power Plant.  It was designed by John Parkinson, the architect responsible for many of LA's iconic structures from that era, including City Hall and Union Station.  The Stronghold occupies the space that originally housed a slew of boilers that generated steam that was piped next door to spin turbines that in turn spun generators that made electricity to run street lights and the Red Car electric railroad system.

The buillding was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument in 1988.

That's the Stronghold on the left. We probably won't be using the donkeys. (undated)
These are the guys who used to work here. I think the guy on the left is the head route setter. (ca. 1913)
Distant view with nice couple taking a romantic stroll down the 5. (undated)
The boiler room. This is what Edison was doing with the space that is now the Stronghold. (ca. 1910)
Another view of the Boiler Room. (also ca. 1910)