Name: Nick Rini
Training Focus: Strength training and athletic assessments with the Gstrength

Training Since: 2015
Climbing Since: 2013


By using the latest in assessment technology, individualized training plans can be designed based off strength, power and endurance test results. My primary focus is to use consistent finger training for strong tendons, resistant to injury.
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Looking for someone to belay you or your kids? Schedule a rent-a-belayer session!

$30/hr + day pass/membership - Minimum 2 Hrs


Classes FAQs Mod

Youth age 14+ may top-rope belay in the gym with the consent of their parent or guardian and after passing our top-rope belay test. Youth age 14+ may lead belay in the gym with the consent of their parent or guardian and after passing our lead belay test. Youth age 14+ may take our Intro to Climbing I and II classes. Youth age 14+ may take our Intro to Lead Climbing class. These age-related rules may be different for youth on our competitive and recreational climbing teams when under the supervision of their coaches.
Wear clothes you are comfortable moving in. You may want to bring a water bottle and/or snack to the gym, too, (though we do have a water fountain and bottle filler available, as well as refreshments for sale). Classes include all climbing equipment needed, (climbing shoes, harness, chalk, belay device, and lead ropes for lead climbing).
Yes! Climbers with a wide range of disabilities climb at the Stronghold. We have a very active adaptive climbing club that meets from 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM every Wednesday. You can email the gym at or program director Dave van Beek at for more information.

Recommended age limit are ages 6 - 14 years old.

Getting Started

Climb above pads (no class required)
Machines that you clip into to climb in the rope area (5 minutes free orientation). Harness required
$30 pre-registration / $50 walk-in - Every Saturday and Sunday instructors help you in the rope area. Includes gear and 2 hours of climbing.

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$30/hr - Hire a personal belayer to get climbing in the rope area (2hr min)

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