Introduction to Lead Climbing

The Stronghold's Introduction to Lead Climbing class will help you make the heady transition to the sharp end!  Lead climbing involves a good deal more risk-management than toproping, and belaying the leader requires more skill.  Students should be well-practiced in top-rope climbing and belaying and feel bomber with both before taking this class.  (Passing our top-rope belay test is a prerequisite.)

Introduction to Lead Climbing will teach you,

  • what "fall factor" is, and why it's important;
  • how to properly pay out slack with a belay device;
  • what "short-roping" is, why it is dangerous, and how to avoid it without giving too much slack;
  • how to position yourself while lead belaying and why positioning is important;
  • how to clip;
  • what "back-clipping" is and how to avoid it;
  • what "z-clipping" is and how to avoid it;
  • why it is important to keep the rope from getting behind your leg;
  • how to catch a leader fall;
  • and how to fall.

In this class you will learn everything you need to know to pass our lead belay and lead climbing test which is required to lead climb and belay on your own in the gym.

The class is offered every Thursday at 6:30 PM, and Sunday at 3:30 PM, and typically lasts three hours.

The class is $35 for Stronghold members, and $55 for non-members.  Standard (that is, non-assisted-braking) belay devices will be provided for those who need them.  Non-members who join within 30 days of taking the class will have $25 credited toward their first month of membership.

Class size is limited, and classes fill up, so please call in to reserve a spot.  Please arrive 15 minutes early to get checked in and geared up.  Checking in can be simplified by filliing out the waiver online before you arrive.